The most recent news story that affected me the most was about the changes that are going to take place at on the Rio Branco Avenue, in the heart of Rio de Janeiro city.

According to what I read on the newspaper, Rio de Janeiro's government plans to close almost the entire avenue to vehicles, from Candelária Church to Cinelândia, turning it into a huge pedestrian urban area. And not only Rio Branco Avenue would be changed, but also some of the smaller streets nearby, like Rosário, Buenos Aires and Ouvidor Streets.

On In this area, plans include the placement of gardens and benches.

Of course, traffic routes will are going to be changed: most of the bus lines that today go through Rio Branco avenue will then be moved to Senhor dos Passos Avenue. Plus there will be a 60% reducing on the number of the lines.

This news [has] affected me because I work at in Rio de Janeiro and almost everyday every day I suffer inside a bus to get to my job, near Rio Branco Avenue. If nowadays the traffic jams are so common, when we have such a wide avenue to let it flow, I don't think it's a good idea to wipe it away from the city's roadway system.

I don't believe, either, that reducing the number of buses would help reduce the traffic jams, because I think many people will start to use their cars instead.

Before starting such a huge change, I think government should build new metro subway lines so the number of people who uses use buses diminishes will diminish.


Esta é uma das várias pequenas redações que fiz durante o meu curso preparatório para o TOEFL. Trechos riscados são os erros originais, seguidos pelas correções feitas pela professora. Trechos entre colchetes são coisas que eu deixei de escrever.

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