My favourite holiday is Carnaval Carnival because you have four, sometimes five, free days in a row. During this time I usually do one of those two things: travel to a far, different place I've never seen before, or gather all my relatives together in a big party. These are things you can't easily do on a short weekend.

If I suddenly got $10 million, I would spend it on travelling. As it's money enough to pay for all tickets and hotels one might think of, there would be no need for me to work anymore. Thus, I'd spend my life discovering great cities and places.

My dream house look looks like my own house. My house was built exactly the way I wanted it to be and everything is where I wanted too. Also, my house [has] a big yard, where my wife and I can grow flowers. So, there's nothing more I could ask.

The two main characteristics a parent must have are caring and friendliness. Caring so one's kids feel loved, and friendliness so kids will know they have someone to count on. Without those characteristics, I believe kids would not trust their parents.

If I could live anywhere, I would live in Ilha Grande, because it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and it gives me such a huge sense of peace. I'd surely move to Ilha Grande if I had the money.

A person I would most like to meet is the British singer Elton John. He's He has been my favourite singer since I was 18 and I'd like to tell him how deeply his songs touch and enriched my life throughout the years. It's a big dream of mine to meet him in person.


Estas são algumas das várias pequenas redações que fiz durante o meu curso preparatório para o TOEFL. Trechos riscados são os erros originais, seguidos pelas correções feitas pela professora. Trechos entre colchetes são coisas que eu deixei de escrever.

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