The person who is living today I admire most is the US president, Mr. Barack Obama. I admire him because of his clever and sensible ideas about how government should work to provide citizens a well-organized and well-prepared social structure. Also, I admire him for how well he is able to express his ideas during his speeches. I have already watched some of them and they were great.

I prefer to learn about the news from newspapers. The main reason to this is that newspapers often provide more thorough and in-depth points of view. Given the short duration of TV news programs, they usually only talk about news superficially. On newspapers, you often see graphs and tables that expand news stories' coverage. Another reason for that is that newspapers provide a much wider range of topics, from politics to music, from religion to environment. Television programs have a far narrower range.


Esta é uma das várias pequenas redações que fiz durante o meu curso preparatório para o TOEFL.

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